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An environmentally healthy workplace is a more productive one

Naturally, improving the environmental conditions in any workplace is good for one’s health. Mold removal, asbestos detection, indoor air quality checks and so on ensure that you’re exposed to fewer hazards.

However, keeping your buildings or work environments “healthy” can be expensive. Hiring an environmental consulting firm to inspect and remove toxic materials strains the wallet!

Or so we thought. As a recent study published in the The Globe and Mail suggests, in the grand scheme of things, an environmentally cleaner workplace can actually improve worker productivity. That means staying on top of building hazards increases your profits instead of just straining your bankbook.

The study discussed in the newspaper came from the National Bureau of Economic Research. It deals more with outdoor environmental factors but the principle it outlines applies to any workplace, indoor or outdoor.

The researchers analyzed data from farm workers in the Central Valley of California during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. Farmers would scan a barcode into a computer each time they collected a bushel of blueberries or gapes, thus quantifying their performance.

The study found a direct link between the presence of ground-level ozone and productivity. Like many other compounds, such as mold or asbestos, high concentrations of ozone irritate the lungs, limiting their function, and exacerbate cardiovascular disease.

According to the study, cleaner air in the form of a 10 part-per-billion reduction in ozone concentration led to a 4.2 per cent increase in worker productivity. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that would translate into $1.1 billion in annual cost savings.

That’s just one example to follow – but it’s extremely important. To any business wondering about mold removal, asbestos, or any other toxic compounds that affect lung and heart function: FIX IT. It may cost you money in the short-term but it’s been scientifically proven that you will literally profit from it in the long term.

The reason is simple and pure common sense: healthier workers are better workers.

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