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Choosing the right home inspector matters

You’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality this summer. You want to make sure your home has no asbestos, toxic mold, lead or any other harmful environmental agents. So you do the responsible thing and hire a home inspector for the job.

That should cover you, right? Make your home a safe environment?

You’d think so, but that unfortunately isn’t true. A growing problem in Toronto environmental consulting and home inspections: too many of them aren’t good enough.

Far too many companies simply mail in the job. They may mistake actual toxic mold for simple water damage – even though water damage itself fosters mold. They don’t check the tough-to-reach places like roofs or piping inside drywall. They forget that lead testing includes outdoor toys like swing sets.

So how do you conquer the problem? One solution is to follow a home inspector around as he or she works on your house. Another is to file a complaint and hope the company will apologize and re-do the job for free.

But there’s a better route to take: hiring the right company. Having a poor home inspection may save you money in the short term but, more often than not, it costs you much more because of the eventual renovations you may require thanks to half-cooked inspections.

A proper home inspector should be certified, whether it’s in lead, asbestos, mold, indoor air quality, or all of the above. Before hiring just any inspector, it pays in the long run to do your homework. Read online reviews, look for testimonials and peruse the company’s website. How many years of experience does it have? What special certifications or awards does it have?

A proper inspection will leave no stone unturned. It’ll check every crack for ventilation leaks or every floor tile for mold. Sure, it could cost slightly more (though not always), but it will literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run. A good inspection only has to be done once!

Environmental Services Group is a cutting edge environmental consulting firm based in Toronto and servicing both the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. We provide state-of-the-art, industry-leading expertise in remedying environmental hazards such as mold, lead, asbestos and much more. Call 416-575-6111 or visit our website today for a pressure-free initial consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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