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ESG implements new company standard for asbestos testing and vermiculite sampling

Environmental services group makes a habit of setting standards for safety and asbestos testing for all environmental consulting firms in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond to follow, so its latest move doesn’t come as a major surprise.

ESG recently implemented a new, company-wide standard for detecting asbestos fibres in Vermiculite sampling. The traditional method for detecting asbestos in vermiculite and soil, known as EPA method 600/R-93-116, was problematic because it couldn’t guarantee negative results. That was a major concern given the damage that asbestos fibres cause to our lungs. Asbestos detection needs to be better.

That’s why ESG implemented a new, state-of-the art method for detecting asbestos in Vermiculite samples. The analysis includes CARB 435 milling prep, which allows for a true and proper quantification of asbestos fibres. The new method bridges the gap from “probably” to “definitely” when searching for asbestos.

The breakthrough for ESG is great news for the many “sick” buildings in the GTA, which are afflicted with asbestos, mold and other harmful chemicals and have poor indoor air quality. All asbestos sampling in vermiculite going forward will include the CARB 435 preparation standards. ESG won’t stop with this new finding; it will continue to search for the most accurate, innovative standards in asbestos removal, lead detection, mold removal, radon detection and many more environmental safety procedures.

Any home or business owner concerned about asbestos in vermiculite should no longer settle for anything less than the CARB 435 milling prep method. Testing accuracy is imperative when it involves protecting our lungs from carcinogenic fibres.

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