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ESG’s Matt Magnus earns US EPA building inspector certification

If you know Environmental Services Group, you know we strive to lead by example in the field of environmental consulting rather than maintain status quo. We’re constantly trying to discover new practices and set new standards for processes like asbestos removal, lead testing, mold detection and so on.

So, when one of our own makes a special effort to better his or herself and raise the personal standard for our employees, it’s important to recognize that person as a leader. Matt Magnus deserves that special attention.

Matt specializes in asbestos testing and decided that the standard for asbestos testing in Toronto, the GTA and beyond wasn’t good enough. He thus decided to complete a three-day course at the Asbestos Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. The process helped him earn a certification not required in his home province of Ontario, Canada.

Standards for asbestos testing and sampling are stricter in the U.S. Schools require asbestos sampling from someone with official Building Inspector Certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. By completing the course in Phoenix, Matt earned that special designation, even though it isn’t required by law in Canada.

Matt’s official accolade: US EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Building Inspector Certification. Equipped with valuable new knowledge from the training course, he plans to implement new standards across ESG, updating asbestos sampling consultants on the most state-of-the-art procedures.

One example of a valuable lesson Matt is passing to ESG; workers often inflict damage while performing asbestos samplings. Ironically, while they’re trying to detect harmful chemicals, they’ll kick up dust, chemicals and other dangerous fibres during the process and sometimes leave them behind.

However, in light of Matt’s findings, all ESG consultants will be outfitted with HEPA-filtered vacuums to ensure no hazardous mess is left behind following sampling procedures.

Congratulations to Matt Magnus for going above and beyond what was expected of him in the field of environmental consulting. Environmental Services Group is proud to have him!

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