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Moving Out Because of Asbestos, Mildew

Having won his battle against cancer, a survivor is nonetheless losing his fight with the Halifax Metro Housing Authority – and a litany of complaints that include asbestos, poor indoor air quality and rampant mildew.

The 65 year old man has been renting a small one bedroom apartment from the HMHA for three years and he claims that his complaints about several potentially illness-inducing environmental issues have fallen on deaf ears. Among them:

  • A shower that’s been leaking for three years into the floor below him
  • A faltering ventilation system
  • Asbestos in a textured ceiling, parts of which fell down and were left for months before repairs

He says he’s only ever gotten patchwork repairs to what are chronic problems.

It’s A Recipe For Poor Indoor Air Quality
The man complains about extensive mildew and the combination of leaks and poor ventilation is virtually guaranteed to cause mold infestation as well. It’s no wonder that he also complains of poor air quality that makes it difficult to breathe. Add asbestos dust to the mix and it could prove to be deadly.

Rather than continuing to risk his health, he’s decided to simply move. It’s a lesson in what a lack of proper maintenance can add up to over time. Keeping on top of leaks and other repairs is key to maintaining indoor air quality.

Poor air quality can have many sources and we can help you determine where the issues lie. ESG offers a variety of services delivered by our experienced technicians, including:

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