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New Studies Show Canadians Affected By Asbestos Increasing

Recent studies across several provinces have shown an increase in mesothelioma symptoms, a serious lung cancer that is caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers.

These studies are on workers in British Columbia, however workers are affected across the country in a multitude of occupations. These people include the miners in the two Quebec asbestos mines and tradespeople in Ottawa and Toronto who work to renovate heritage buildings that contain asbestos materials.

An Ottawa-based study found that 1,500 workers in British Columbia are expected to die from asbestos-related diseases within the next three years, as well as that this number is a low estimate due to asbestos-related respiratory issues being mistaken for other illnesses. Once these illnesses are definitively diagnosed as asbestos-related later on, it’s too late for treatment. WorkSafe BC, British Columbia’s worker safety organization, has found that not even a quarter of those workers affected filed for workman’s compensation between 1992 and 2004.

Despite the majority of Canada’s asbestos exposure being occupation-related, less than half of those who applied for compensation due to mesothelioma received compensation. Canada has a number of regulations in place to protect workers, from wearing protective gear to the proper handling of asbestos materials. Unfortunately, many workers who come into contact with asbestos materials can be unaware of the dangers or even their presence when working on older buildings. Despite precautions, workers are still dying because of asbestos and even bringing home asbestos fibers on their clothes, which can expose family members.

Another very scary development in asbestos awareness is that Health Canada has found some construction companies will hide the fact that asbestos is present from workers in order to cut costs and not have to follow time-consuming precautions.

Recently, a former Health Canada committee chairman who researched asbestos for the organization told the Vancouver Sun that all of the new asbestos cases are a “steady stream of death”, and that some of the workers who have developed mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses that proved to be fatal were exposed to asbestos for only as long as a single day on the job.

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