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Study: indoor air cleaners can reduce asthma in children

Study: indoor air cleaners can reduce asthma in children

In the summer months, we’re particularly sensitive about any threats to our indoor air quality, including mold caused by excessive moisture or contaminated air as a result of sealing a home for air conditioning.

But what about some positive news for a change? A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center suggests that indoor air cleaners can greatly reduce air pollution in the home and significantly lower the rates of daytime asthmas symptoms – even to the same level that anti-inflammatory asthma drugs can.

The study was done by plugging free-standing air cleaners into 41 different Baltimore-based households for six months. While the findings are encouraging, they still suggest that the air cleaners are most effective if used in conjunction with other environmental protection measures.

The air cleaners didn’t reduce the effects of agents such as second-hand smoke. By the same logic, an indoor air cleaner’s effectiveness could be reduced by the presence of mold, asbestos, lead, radon or other environmental threats.

The study should serve as an extra motivator to have an environmental consulting firm sweep your home. If you install an indoor air cleaner and undergo mold removal, lead testing and so on, you could have the cleanest home — and the healthiest family – on your block! Taking the proper diligence to have the experts inspect every threat to your indoor air quality will ensure that your indoor air cleaners will be as effective as possible.

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