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Survey: “Green” buildings impact the environment, “green” businesses care more about communities

Contrary to what many businesses believe, it may actually “pay to go green.”

A recent poll conducted by TD Bank revealed that consumers believe green or environmentally friendly buildings have at least some positive impact on their communities. Being green for a building could mean being constructed or renovated using sustainable materials; it could also mean being properly inspected for potentially harmful agents.

How can a building ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible if it’s already built and no renovations are the horizon? Finding a good environmental consulting firm is a start. The proper experts can help a building with lead testing, asbestos and mold removal, radon testing and countless other ways of measuring how much risk to residents’ health and to the environment a given building poses.

The survey also revealed a generation gap among the responders. The younger groups – the “millenials” aged 18 to 34 – were the most aware of green buildings and the most likely to tailor their consumption based on whether or not a company’s venue is environmentally conscious. In other words, the biggest consumers of the future are the most environmentally aware.

The survey’s revelation suggests a win-win situation for businesses and consumers. By undergoing proper environmental consulting and inspection for their buildings, businesses obviously reduce their company’s environmental footprints and make their buildings safer places to work, shop and breathe. But the simple act of becoming greener can also be profitable. The upcoming younger generation wants to give its business to the greenest companies.

Now, it’s up to businesss in Toronto, the GTA and all over the world to take the next step. Ensure your company’s buildings have the highest standards for indoor air quality and environmental friendliness and the customers will follow you. The next step is to let the world know you’re doing it.

Jacquelynn Henke, Real Estate Strategy Officer for TD Bank, says it best:

“Consumers do believe [green] buildings are good for the environment and for their own health, but businesses must do a better job of communicating to their customers and the communities they serve about the development of environmentally friendly buildings.”

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