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Toxic Chemicals in the Home: Being Aware

Most residents in Toronto and the GTA have a strong idea of what the biggest environmental threats in the home are to both them and their children: staples like lead, mold and asbestos. And it’s natural to seek out companies for asbestos removal, mold testing, lead testing and so on to address the problems.

But what about the less obvious threats – the common and potentially toxic chemicals found in most homes? Here are a few important ones to remember.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products for glass, wood, tile, ovens, drains and so on contain plenty of hazardous chemicals, from ammonia to sulphuric acid to formaldehyde and so on. It’s difficult to ever remove such toxic chemicals from the home, as everyone needs to clean, but there are alternatives. Making an effort to use more natural cleaning agents (like vinegar or baking soda) not only keeps young ones safe and emits fewer harmful chemicals into your lungs, it’s also a much more environmentally friendly solution.


Whereas an environmental consulting company would be aware of it, typical residents wouldn’t naturally think of furniture as “chemically” threatening. Wood is often treated with dangerous chemicals; shortly after installation, even new carpets can release toxic compounds into the air. If you’re moving into a new home or acquiring lots of new furniture, it’s a good idea to have an expert inspect it.

Building materials

We all know about checking insulation and the importance of asbestos removal. But even outdoor fixtures like jungle gyms may have been previously treated with dangerous chemicals.

To an extent, you can control your own destiny and ensure your home is safe by keeping harmful products out of children’s reach. You can also make sure you’re “green” by purchasing more natural chemicals for cooking and cleaning. However, to go the extra mile and truly ensure your home (or office) is safe, bringing in an environmental expert is often the safest route.

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