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Indoor Air Quality in the News

Recognition of the importance of indoor air quality and the potential health hazards that can exist inside the home continues to gain ground in Ontario, as it does in the rest of North America.

At the 15th Annual Condominium Conference in Toronto in early November, indoor air quality issues were underscored in the environmental portion of the events.  While indoor air quality testing is not yet mandated by any existing legislation, condo builders and managers aim to keep ahead of the curve in this area.

Across the province, a township in eastern Ontario recently joined the growing number of cities, provinces and states continent-wide in instituting a bylaw that requires all homes to have a working carbon monoxide (CO) monitor.

The current Ontario Building Code does require a CO monitor to be installed in all new homes, but bylaws like the one in South Dundas township extend that protection to older homes as well.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction, and recognizes the importance of monitoring indoor air quality, along with the dangers of one of the leading (yet preventable) causes of unintentional poisoning in this province. Any home equipped with a heating system that uses fossil fuels is at risk of producing CO, which occurs during incomplete burning of those fuels. Gas and oil heating systems, gas and propane driven vehicles and appliances can all produce CO, so you’ll want to be sure to install a monitor near your garage as well as the other areas of your home.

However, damage to your health can occur due to chronic exposure to levels of CO too low to be detected by your CO monitor, or they may occur in areas that it doesn’t reach. At Environmental Services Group, our equipment is sophisticated enough to detect those lower levels and give you peace of mind. If you’ve been experiencing any of the symptoms of CO exposure, including chronic headaches and a stuffy feeling even if these aren’t necessarily acute, please do yourself a favour and call the experts at Environmental Services Group for a quote.

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