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Indoor Air Quality in the Winter Months

The winter of 2011/2012 has been unusually kind to the residents of Southern Ontario, but there have been enough days that have seen stiff winds, cooler temperatures and even torrential rains, meaning your windows and doors are likely staying shut.

Homeowners walk a kind of tightrope between energy efficiency and courting air quality issues. It’s only natural – and makes good sense – to ensure that air leaks in windows and doors are taken care of using foam, weather stripping and other means, but in some areas, the tighter your home becomes, the more risk there is of air quality issues.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one danger that increases in a tightly sealed home. If there’s a leak of any kind, it has nowhere to go. There are other concerns that can be augmented during the winter months.

Moisture = Mold

  • Tightly sealed rooms, especially a basement or crawl space, or indeed wherever there’s a leak, can lead to condensation and moisture gathering in areas where it just doesn’t dry out
  • The next step is mold growth!

Radon Gas

  • An invisible and odourless product of deteriorating uranium, this potentially deadly gas occurs naturally and rises up from the ground and into your home through cracks in the foundation and basement, especially the floor
  • Outside, it dissipates naturally in the surrounding air, but a poorly ventilated basement or crawlspace traps the gas – thought to be a leading cause of cancer – in your home

What Can You Do?

  • Ventilation is the key here – make sure that your basement and crawl space are properly ventilated
  • Keep an eye out for leaks or anywhere that water can enter your home with regular inspections
  • Hot Tip: houseplants have been shown to significantly improve indoor air quality

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