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Toronto Report Names Indoor Air Quality Key Environmental Issue

A new report that comes from a study conducted by University of Toronto and the Ontario Health Coalition names indoor air quality as one of the key environmental issues that affect the health of Torontonians.

Indoor air quality can be affected by a number of specific issues; chief among them is mold caused by moisture. In the case of mold, the age of a house or building doesn’t necessarily play a part – new homes can be as susceptible to mold growth as older structures. What’s key is the construction methods used.

Green Technology
Newer methods and technological advances in the home building industry – or “green” technology – have come up with a number of solutions to this old problem.  Among them is steel technology, some facets of which are only now being introduced to the Ontario market.

Steel-panel technology is composed of steel and an innovative variety of expanded polystyrene. Panels are joined together with screws and an adhesive foam in order to make up the outer shell of the house, eliminating the need for any wood in the frame. This type of construction is said to be stronger than the traditional wood frame and most importantly to air quality, provides an airtight building envelope that will prevent moisture entering the home. In addition, the polystyrene used is made with a chemical-free formula that is not subject to off-gassing, which is another concern when it comes to indoor air quality.

You may not be able to build your own home from scratch using these new “green” methods, but you can make sure that your old home doesn’t present the kind of environmental concerns listed in the report.

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