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Lead paint, lead coatings and lead in dust can be hazardous to humans. ESG has assessed residential and commercial facilities for the present of lead in paint and lead in dust. The EPA in the US is defining lead based hazards in dust and defining lead based paint.

Environmental Services Group was asked to assess coatings in a public gymnasium. Various colours of paint were used as part of the lines for the gym. Lead and PCB’s are regulated substances and disposal is part of their regulation over seen by the Ministry of the Environment. As such, their presence was sampled for by submission of a laboratory for analysis.

Designated Substance Surveys (DSS)

There are 11 Designated Substances in Ontario as indicated by Ontario Regulation 490/09.

Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials surveys are required for building demolitions including interior renovations. The DSS is a requirement enforced under the OHS Act. Environmental Services Group is regularly retained to perform site assessments to determine the presence of these material prior to renovations, remodels and complete demolitions.