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Is Ontario providing enough information about grow-op homes?

In some recent Canadian news stories and on this environmental consulting blog, you can find information on the environmental threats caused by drug grow-op homes and former grow-op homes.

Whether the homes are home to marijuana grow-ops or meth labs, there are certain consistent risk that accompany them. Most commonly, these homes have booby traps (for police), faulty wiring and, of course, toxic mold. The moist conditions created by the drug-growing conditions often foster the growth of black mold, which can cause numerous respiratory problems, especially in youths.

So we know why former grow-op homes can endanger our health. There’s just one problem: the Ontario government doesn’t allow full disclosure of information on these buildings. Technically, realtors are required by law to reveal of a home has been used as a grow-op or meth lab. However, the McGuinty government is currently blocking some of that information from being available. Realtors may not be allowed access to police reports or building inspection reports or they may be forbidden from passing on the information.

That means some new home owners may be moving in not knowing about the possible threats to their indoor air quality. If you suspect your home may have been a former grow-op and your realtor can’t gain access to the necessary information, consider hiring a Toronto mold removal company. The cost to test your place for mold and remove it isn’t nearly as high as you might think and is well worth the investment. Eliminating mold from your dwelling could literally be the difference, for example, between your child developing or not developing asthma.

If you’re unsure about your building’s past – take matters into your own hands. Hire the experts to check it out.

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