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Police train in rich Ottawa neighborhood to face hazards of grow-ops

The posh neighbourhood of Rockliffe Park isn’t known for being a drug hotbed rife with environmental hazards. But, for training purposes, it is.

“The scenario house” or “Building G” is part of the RCMP-run Canadian Police College. The building is a mockup of a typical grow-op drug house, complete with all the environmental threats commonly faced during a raid. Police receive training to face:

1. Toxic mold

Mold removal is a common procedure to accompany or follow a police raid, as the moist conditions produced by growing drugs like marijuana naturally foster its growth. Police are trained to spot it and learn about the side effects of long-term exposure to it, which commonly include asthma and other respiratory problems. Usually, an environmental consulting firm is commissioned to eliminate the threat.

2. Chemical burns

Police are trained to follow a specific procedure to remove dangerous chemicals from setups like meth labs. For example, a Health Canada chemist explains that officers must carry chemical barrels away from their bodies, as any abrasions on their hazmat suits could let acids or strong bases through.

3. Indoor air quality threats

Sometimes, carbon dioxide-producing devices used in grow-ops malfunction and fill a building with lethal carbon monoxide. It’s a particularly deadly threat to indoor air quality because the windows and openings of grow-op homes are often sealed to keep moisture in.

4. Booby traps

Grow-op homes are often lined with tripwire guns, electrified doors or even fish hooks embedded in railings. Very dangerous stuff.

If you think you’ve discovered a grow-op home, stay away. Call your local police department, an environmental consulting firm, or both, as they’ll handle the job safely and expertly.

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