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Legionella in the News and Other Indoor Air Quality Issues

Legionella – the bacteria behind so-called Legionnaire’s disease – has made worldwide headlines this year with a recent outbreak in Edinburgh, Scotland. More than 60 cases of confirmed and suspected cases of the bacteria-caused respiratory disease have left one patient dead.

It may seem a far off threat to us here in Canada, but this country was the site of one of its outbreaks – and let’s not forget the lessons of SARS. People routinely travel the world these days – and germs can too.

There’s no need for concern at the moment, but in the event there’s need for it in the future, ESG can provide testing of any water sources in the area where the Legionella bacteria can thrive. Environmental Services Group uses sampling techniques such as DNA based Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and 4 levels of culture based analysis. The PCR method provides critical, 24-48 hour results to assist our clients during a community or hospital acquired outbreak.

Indoor Air Quality
There are other, far more common issues that can affect indoor air quality in your home and which can result in a variety of health issues. Some of these can develop over time, while others are of immediate concern.

Indoor Air Quality testing can include:

  • Carbon Monoxide detection at levels more sensitive that household monitors
  • Silica – we can provide air monitoring services during the construction, demolition and sand blasting procedures that can lead to the presence of this potentially harmful substance in the air
  • Testing for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – compounds that originate in the evaporation of many common household products

Don’t Worry – Take Action
If you’re experiencing any unusual health issues that you can’t explain or you suspect any of the conditions that can lead to the presence of any of these indoor air quality issues, let us give you peace of mind – call the Environmental Services Group for a quote.

In The News:
ESG is now an official supplier of HGTV’s Income Properties!

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