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World Health Organization warns of rising indoor air pollution

Last week, the World Health Organization released a study on worldwide pollution. It primarily discussed the rising levels of outdoor air pollution; given all the discourse on Global Warming over the last decade,  that type of finding isn’t a huge surprise.

What was a big surprise, however, was the WHOs statement that more than two million people die per year from breathing in tiny particles present in indoor and outdoor air pollution. If that’s not a grave warning for us to improve indoor air quality, nothing is.

The point the WHO makes is many of the harmful particles we inhale are so tiny – 10 micrometres or less – that they penetrate into the lungs unnoticed, both inside and outside. They cause heart disease, asthma, lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections.

The battle to combat outdoor pollution is easier to see. For example, the greenhouse gasses emitted from cars and trucks are usually visible, difficult to inhale and striking enough that they can motivate us to hop on a bike or take public transit.

But the effect of harmful particles inside is much more subtle. You could have volatile organic compounds in your home, emitted from cleaning products or even the lead paint on your children’s toys. You may have toxic mold spores causing respiratory troubles. You may be trapping “bad” air in your house by sealing it off to boost your air conditioner’s functionality.

Because indoor pollutants are tougher to detect, it’s especially prudent to hire an environmental consulting company for a thorough home inspection. A certified expert can identify all the sneakily dangerous compounds that might be in your home. For any families out there: considering that more and more studies these days show how bad indoor air quality hinders children’s development, the time to act is now!

It doesn’t get much more trustworthy than the World Health Organization. Respect its word and hire an expert to ensure your indoor air quality is tip-top.

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