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Bill 182: Ontario’s Proposed Radon Awareness and Prevention Act, 2011

A bill that’s currently before the provincial legislature is designed to raise awareness about radon gas – the invisible danger that occurs naturally.

Radon Gas
Radon gas is a by-product of the decaying process of uranium, and is produced even where small amounts of uranium are present in the ground. It can enter your home via cracks in the earth and the foundation, among others, and accumulate, particularly in today’s tightly enclosed buildings or poorly ventilated areas like a crawl space.

Radon exposure has been linked to high incidences of lung cancer, and it is considered a significant threat to indoor air quality and public health worldwide. Health Canada estimates that 1,900 cancer deaths were due to radon exposure annually (2006 figures) and lists it as second only to smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer.

It’s odourless, colourless and radioactive, and you may not be aware of it until you begin to feel the symptoms of exposure such as persistent coughing or headaches, by which time damage to your lungs has already begun.

Bill 182
Among other things, the Act proposed under Bill 182 calls for setting up a registry to include all radon gas testing results across the province. It also looks to institute a public health campaign across multiple media platforms to educate people on the deadly gas, its risks and symptoms, as well as encourage all homeowners to test their own homes for the dangerous gas. It sets the ceiling for acceptable levels at 200 Bq/m3 per year for provincially owned buildings, and provides for stiff fines and even imprisonment for failure to act on unacceptably high readings.

Bill 182 is currently being studied further, having been referred to the Standing Committee on Social Policy.  Even before its completion, however, it underscores how seriously our governments are taking this hidden threat to indoor air quality and human health.

It’s the ideal season
Now, during the winter months when windows remain largely shut and our homes are more tightly shut, is the ideal time test for radon gas. At Environmental Services Group, we can offer radon gas testing tailored to your needs. Let us give you peace of mind – call Environmental Services Group for a quote.

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