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Earth Hour is on its way, but conserving energy the wrong way can be bad for your health

Earth Hour, the global annual energy-use awareness movement that is grabbing an increasing amount of international media attention takes place on March 27th this year.  Many notable landmarks, including the CN Tower, will be dimming their lights or turning them off altogether to draw attention from around the world to energy conservation.  

Increasing the quality of indoor air in a home or business not only leads to better overall health in families and decreases absenteeism in employees, but the problems that create poor indoor air quality are also major energy-hoggers. These include inadequately-functioning furnaces, air conditioners and clogged filters.   But a more serious problem can occur when households and companies try to become more energy-efficient without following up with indoor air quality testing.

When most people think of energy efficiency, one of the first things that comes to their mind are drafty windows and doors, since up to 30 per cent of a home’s heat can literally be going out the window if they aren’t sealed properly.   This overzealous sealing of a home can lead to dangerous consequences by increasing the tendency of harmful substances like radon to build up easily.

Radon is a deadly gas linked to lung cancer that occurs naturally in the environment, but like many other toxins becomes more dangerous when it builds up in an enclosed space. Other substances that can become even more serious when trapped in small spaces include mould, asbestos and lead, all of which may be present in a home or building unseen. 

When trying to become a greener household or company, indoor air quality testing and surveys can allow you to lower your heating and cooling bills and become more energy-efficient while remaining worry-free and healthy at the same time. ~ Providing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Southwest and Central Ontario.  Contact us today in Toronto at (416) 575-6111;  Mississauga (905) 905-824-5733;  Southwest Ontario (London, Sarnia, Windsor) (519) 434-0796;  Barrie (705) 719-0746 or Toll Free 1-866-310-4219.

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