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New Study Emphasizes Radon Gas Education & Awareness

The Homeowner Protection Centre is a not-for-profit centre that unites homeowners in their concerns and serves as a central clearinghouse for advocacy and complaints. The organization has just released a study called The Radon Challenge: Building Awareness and Encouraging Action that points out some pertinent facts for Canadians about the potentially deadly gas.

Radon gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless and is produced as the natural by-product in the deterioration of uranium over time. Uranium is found in small and trace amounts all over Canada in the ground , rock and soil. Outside, it poses no risk as it’s dispersed into the wind harmlessly. However, in our airtight homes, it can build up, particularly in the basement or crawlspace areas as it seeps in through cracks in the ground and the foundation of a home.

The report suggests that less than 10% of Canadians are aware of the serious health risk posed by radon gas in their own homes, and the result is that few Canadians have tested their homes for radon gas and are completely unaware of the measures that can be taken to minimize exposure.

It’s no joke. Health Canada estimates that radon gas accounts for about 10% of all lung cancers in the  country, second only to smoking as the leading cause.  While province wide testing has begun in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and Quebec began testing schools in 2010, currently there is no policy in place in Ontario. The report decries the lack of national policy on this important health issue.

Michael Lio, Executive Director of the Homeowner Protection Centre, reports that, “Five years after Health Canada lowered the radon standard, there is still no national forum to coordinate efforts across provinces and territories. We need a national strategy. Health Canada must take the lead by bringing all stakeholders together to coordinate activities.”

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ESG can help. We offer two types of radon gas testing:

  • Short term testing – the amount of gas can vary seasonally, but short term testing can give you a quick answer, sometimes in conjunction with a second short term test done some time later
  • Long term testing to try and detect the varying amounts of gas that can accumulate in your home throughout the year.

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