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Renovating Older Homes and Mold

Older homes offer features that many people love and which can’t be duplicated in new housing developments, like high ceilings, rich older neighbourhoods with mature trees. They can also offer some built in problems – like mold. In many cases, renovations and professional mold removal are in order but sometimes, the procedures produce results that are more cosmetic than permanent and mold comes back because the underlying causes aren’t being dealt with.

A Ryerson University building sciences professor is renovating a century old Riverdale home as a long term project to evaluate sustainable renovations to older properties which still exist in cities like Toronto. The overall criteria for the project measures “sustainability” in terms of key areas including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Health and comfort
  • Durability and moisture management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Building materials

Virtually all of these issues impact the likelihood of future mold growth.

The Problems
When work began on the project almost two years ago, the home had a number of serious issues that many homeowners will relate to and which resulted in mold infestation, including:

  • Inadequate insulation
  • Structural flaws
  • Water damage

The project involved stripping the structure down to the brick and floor joists in order to renovate its interior and the professor did about half the work himself. His ultimate goal is to prod the government into making national standards for residential retrofits.

In Your Home?
Moisture leads to mold growth of course and there can also be a number of factors at play, including:

  • Inadequate ventilation, especially in attics, basements and crawl spaces
  • Leaks in and around windows and the roof
  • Cracks in foundations and basement walls

Indoor air quality is affected because mold spores become airborne and enter the HVAC systems in your home. From there, they will spread throughout the house, often resulting in respiratory issues like a persistent cough or sore throat that you can’t explain.

Professional Mold Removal
ESG offers professional mold removal services to put your mind at ease, along with pointing out where and how to deal with the underlying problem that has led to its growth.

Let us give you peace of mind – call the Environmental Services Group for a quote.

In The News:
ESG is now an official supplier of HGTV’s Income Properties!

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