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The importance of indoor air quality becoming more recognized

The University of Toronto has received its first ever LEED Gold Certification from the Canadian Green Building Council. LEED,  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, recognizes the efforts for constructing a green facility, specifically the office of Real Estate Operations and Facilities and Services building. The building achieves points in specific categories, such as energy management, procurement and material use, and indoor air quality.

The majority of a person’s day is typically spent inside, making indoor air quality a top health and safety concern. Air quality is often associated with thoughts of smog, outside pollution and auto emission fumes, but inside where there is a limit or fresh air coming in, it can be far worse for your health. Even with the technological advances of today, because of the growing cause for energy efficiency, there is less fresh air entering the indoors.  As a result, pollutants are becoming more concentrated in the air we breathe everyday.

The University of Toronto building has focused its efforts to improve indoor air quality by creating a demand-controlled ventilation system for offices and meeting rooms, reducing air conditioning requirements as well as constructing a green wall that is connected to the lobby air distribution system that filters and removes pollutants in the air.  A build up of air contaminants can lead to health and respiratory issues.

Some symptoms that can be linked to poor indoor air quality include nausea, sinus congestion, fatigue, allergies and dry eyes, nose and throat. People exposed to indoor air pollutants on a regular basis might notice they begin to feel better once they’ve left the building for a while or take a vacation.  No matter what the type, indoor air pollutants are a primary threat to health. They penetrate deep into the lungs and are absorbed into the body, making proper indoor air quality an essential component of healthy living.  Contact Environmental Services Group for more information.

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