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Think green before you build, not after

At Environmental Services Group, we’re always pleased when we hear about new homeowners diligently checking their indoor air quality, undergoing proper lead testing, eliminating moist conditions that breed mold, or partaking in any other generally “safe” and “green” home strategies.

But it’s time we encouraged home owners to take their green approach to living a step further. Instead of fixing problems when they come up or even working hard to protect your existing home from environmental threats – why not make the green choices before your house is even built?

Mike Holmes of Holmes on Holmes himself offered some profound advice on this week when he challenged the notion that every “upgrade” during the building process should be geared toward upping resale value.

The traditional logic is to go for the finished basement, the fancy countertop, the kitchen island, and so on. However, while the prettier, more attractive options in theory can boost your resale price down the road, they may not actually save you money.

The reason: you’re not factoring the repairs along the way into the equation. Home number one may feature all the pretty frills and be worth $600,000 five years from now – but what if it requires $50,000 worth of repairs to reach that point? A low-standard basement finishing may lead to paying for mold removal a year later. Same goes with a standard drywall installation.

On the flipside, going the green route with home number two may not give you the big price you want down the road but it may prove more profitable because you won’t have to make so many fixes along the way. Eschewing the jazzy kitchen for mold-resistant drywall will save you the repair cost down the road. So, while home number two’s asking price may be lower when you sell, your net gain may be higher. By going green, you’ll take better care of your home (and your health) and spend less money on the path to selling.

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