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Toxic Mold Blamed for Actress’ Death

They say money can’t buy happiness, and a recent news item confirms that living the dream life of a movie actor in Hollywood is no guarantee that you’ll be immune from common household problems.

You may remember the headlines a couple of years ago when actress Britanny Murphy passed away in suspicious circumstances in December of 2009, and then her husband as well the following spring. Ms Murphy’s death was deemed to have been caused by pneumonia, anemia and prescription drug intoxication, and her husband’s by pneumonia and anemia.

Now Ms Murphy’s mother has filed a lawsuit suggesting her daughter’s death may have had something to do with exposure to toxic mold in her home. In a complicated dossier, the lawsuit is actually being filed against the firm of lawyers who were originally hired to sue the builders of the home in the Hollywood Hills. That original lawsuit covered a number of alleged construction problems, including the presence of toxic mold.

Whatever the result of the lawsuit, it serves as a reminder that mold can exist in any home or building, no matter how lavish or upscale the neighbourhood, and no matter how new or old. Mold only needs 24 hours to grow under the right conditions, not weeks or years, and while it may be more prevalent in older and unoccupied or neglected homes, even brand new homes are not immune.

That’s why it makes sense to include a mold inspection along with the other inspections performed when you’re closing the deal on a home.

Toxic Mold Symptoms
Common symptoms of exposure to toxic mold may include eye, nose and throat irritation, respiratory symptoms like breathing difficulties, allergy or flu-like symptoms like such as runny nose and clogged sinus, and even more troubling issues like a depressed immune system and vertigo.

If you smell a stale, moldy odour in your home or you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a recurring basis, do yourself a favour and call the experts at Environmental Services Group for a mold inspection quote.

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