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Environmental group wants regulation after lead, arsenic found in women’s cosmetics

This environmental consulting blog has recently discussed the presence of lead in common household toys and even children’s face paint – but adults aren’t safe from the toxic element, either. According to a report recently published by Environmental Defence, entitled “Heavy Metal Hazards,” many makeup products contain multiple different toxic heavy metals.

The environmental advocacy group is urging the Canadian government to impose stricter regulations on the cosmetics industry in light of its findings. Environmental Defence tested 49 different makeup products and was alarmed to find that every product tested had at least some levels of hazardous chemicals. The worst offender was one lip gloss that contained levels of lead and arsenic exceeding the limits recommended by Health Canada.

On one hand, most of the products tested actually met the Health Canada guidelines; the greater issue is that the guidelines permit the presence of so many dangerous chemicals at all. Environmental Defence wants the government to revise the rules, especially because many of the toxic materials are “technically avoidable” in the manufacturing process.

The study has raised some controversy. Other health publications and some of the cosmetic manufacturers themselves dispute Environmental Defence’s legitimacy, as the dangerous metals are not actual ingredients but just traces picked up during the manufacturing process.

“For any of those amounts to be of concerns to consumers, you would probably have to eat pounds and pounds of makeup every day to get within the realm of risk,” said Darren Praznik, president of the Canadian Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Association.

On the other hand, many Canadians and environmental lobby groups feel that such a position isn’t good enough.

“Yes, in many cases these are low levels but scientists and doctors are clearly telling us that there is no safe level when it comes to things like lead,” said Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence.

If a cosmetics company can employ proper lead testing and testing for other hazardous materials without harming its own manufacturing processes, why not? Shouldn’t our businesses strive to eliminate anything toxic from their products?

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