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Is lead poisoning on the rise among young children?

Is lead poisoning on the rise among young children?

Though the numbers aren’t exact, American studies regarding trends among children tend to mirror those in Canada. So it’s concerning to know that a recent finding by America’s Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning suggests that lead poisoning is on the rise among children aged six and younger.

Equally concerning: fewer children and homes are undergoing lead testing. Poisoning cases are on the rise, yet we’re checking for lead even less? It doesn’t add up.

Led poisoning commonly occurs among kids when they’re in contact with older toys or outdoor park toys like swings sets, which may be coated in lead-based paint. Lead poisoning among young children is particularly concerning because their brains and nervous systems are still developing. If contaminated by lead, they can suffer from brain damage and permanent behavioral problems as a result.

The news isn’t all bad. On average, for every 10 lead poisoning cases among children 20 years ago, there is only one today. We’ve drastically reduced the lead problem since we first gained proper knowledge of the threat it poses. But the fact that levels are rising again suggests that too many people are patting themselves on the back assuming the job is done.

We can’t be complacent. Take control of young children’s safety by having an environmental consulting firm test your home, including your children’s toys, for lead. When making any new purchases, make sure you thoroughly inspect whatever your children play with. We know how lead can harm their future. So let’s not jeopardize it!

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