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Lead Paint – a Lingering Risk in Older Homes

Sales of older or so-called “resale” homes continue to be strong in Canada and the Toronto area in particular, despite gloomy economic news from other areas. An older home can have many advantages, including a lower price point and details and workmanship that you just won’t find in a brand new house. They can come with some other issues that aren’t desirable and that you may assume are ancient history, including lead contamination.

Lead was once used in a variety of very common household and industrial applications during much of the 20th century. It was widely used in paints, plumbing and even to solder canned goods. Federal regulations began to phase out the use of lead to solder canned goods in the mid-1970’s, and it was abandoned completely about a decade later.

Your home may present the risk of lead exposure if:

–          it was built before 1960 (about a quarter of all Canadian homes were built before 1960)

–          your plumbing was installed prior to 1990

Lingering lead contamination in the home largely exists in paint or paint dust. Lead based paints may have been used in your home, or also on painted siding. It’s particularly risky when the paint is peeling or eroded from wear and tear, and can exist as a dust that is then inhaled. Children – who seem to put everything in their mouths – and pregnant or nursing women are especially vulnerable to the risks of lead poisoning.

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