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Be Prepared For Spring Runoff – Bacteria & Mold Issues

Being proactive seems especially prudent when you don’t know exactly what’s coming down the pipe. A little preparation can help you to avoid mold growth, bacteria and other issues that this spring may just bring.

Those of us here in the city of Toronto and the GTA might be forgiven for being sceptical but if the forecasters are to be believed, we’ve just crossed over the threshold of a horrific winter and are heading towards a slow spring thaw. With the wild weather we’ve experienced over the last twelve months, we should expect anything at all to happen. Those massive piles of snow still sitting at the end of nearly every street mean there’s a potential for lots of runoff, lots of water running down the street – and potentially into your basement. That can mean two things:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. Here are some tips to help you keep that water out of your home.

  • Check the water flow around your home – i.e. the grading of the land. Ideally you want the land to slope at least slightly away from your home to direct the water flow away from your foundation.
  • Inspect your foundation and fix any cracks that you find.
  • Clean out your eavestroughs to allow for unimpeded water flow and check the direction of the downspouts to make sure they’re sending that flow away.
  • Think about installing a sump pump so you can get rid of any water or sewer backup as quickly as possible. When the worst happens, time really is of the essence – the sooner you’re dried out, the lesser of a chance of mold infestation or bacteria growth.
  • Think about installing a backwater valve, which prevents sewer backup.


  • The City of Toronto has a financial subsidy program to help you with these last two upgrades to your home.

Flooding and Sewer Backup
Water damage alone can be costly enough to clean up and repair. The problem is that many other problems can result, but ESG can help.

Environmental issues can be solved – let us show you how. Let us give you peace of mind – call the Environmental Services Group for a quote. We’re your mold removal experts serving Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – at (416) 575-6111(416) 575-6111.

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ESG has been featured on CTV and Global news and we’re the official supplier to HGTV’s Income Properties with Scott McGillivray and Leave It To Bryan.

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