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Client Case Study: How much damage can one squirrel really do?

For some people, squirrels are endearing visitors to our yards. They are especially frequent in the fall and early winter, when they come to feverishly forage and gather food to survive the deep cold of our Canadian winters.

However, some homeowners may not realize that squirrels and other rodents are real menaces that can cause severe and costly damage to our homes, cottages and other property. And you may be surprised to learn (too late) that your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover you for any damage caused by these adorable-yet-destructive creatures!

Here’s an example of some of the damage that a squirrel can do.

In this case, a squirrel stored a mess of acorns, pinecones, and needles inside the flat roof drains over our client’s garage.


Since the drains were plugged, water entered the structure over winter and caused severe damage to the drywall as well as wood rot that affected the wood members of the garage structure.


You can clearly see the resulting damage caused by the squirrel’s storage hideaway in the roof drains.


This build-up led to extensive water penetration, materials failure and the development of mold along the walls of our client’s garage.


The bottom line? Now is the ideal time to check your drains and downspouts, and continue to check them regularly during the late fall and early winter. They must be kept free and clear of any leaves, yard debris or rodent stowage that can happen when temperatures start dropping, trees are dumping leaves and other debris, and rodents are finding unusual places to store food and habitat right on or around your most-expensive investment.


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