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What causes mold problems in homes?

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Molds naturally exist in the environment and are sometimes beneficial organisms, helping us make delicious cheeses or breaking down decaying materials in nature. But some types of mold are toxic to humans, and can cause serious health problems. Here’s how they get into your home.

The number one reason mold can be found in homes and buildings is moisture. Whether it’s humidity in the air from cooking or showers, moisture trapped in an over-sealed building, leaks or water damage from flooding, any kind of excess moisture can lead to mold growth if there is something for it to feed on. Mold eats any kind of organic material, which can include glues, starches, leather, wood, paper, fabric and drywall. The humidity in your home is considered high at above 70%.

This extra moisture creates an environment that is hospitable to mold, which can travel into your home as spores in the air or also be transported into your home on objects. The relative humidity of your home should be kept under 55%, and this can be achieved by using the bathroom fan after a shower, using the exhaust fan on the stove when cooking and properly maintaining all of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Regular dusting, low humidity and proper ventilation are the best recipe for keeping mold at bay.

While prevention is key, a mold inspection should always be conducted when buying a new home or when your family experiences unexplained symptoms such as nosebleeds, headaches, fatigue or trouble breathing. A mold inspection is the only way to properly check for mold in your home, because mold can hide inside your walls and remain unseen while it continues to grow, eat away at your home and release toxic spores.

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