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Environmental Site Assessments

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Environmental Services Group is a Toronto based environmental consulting company that provides professional Environmental Site Assessments in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond.

Environmental Site Assessments are typically required by lenders to assess environmental liability associated with a property. This applies to commercial, industrial and residential transactions. Site assessments are to be conducted in accordance with Ontario Regulation 153/04 of the Environmental Protection Act.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

ESA Phases

Phase I
The Phase I ESA, as per the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), is required by financial institutions and the courts for facility owners, operators and purchasers, to demonstrate “due diligence” in order to absolve themselves from the liability associated with impacted properties.  A Phase I ESA is a non-intrusive investigation to determine if a property is or has the potential for adverse environmental impact associated with past or present site activities or adjacent properties.

Phase II
A Phase II ESA is different than a Phase I ESA in that it involves intrusive testing of materials, air, soil, surface water and groundwater, to identify and/or confirm the presence or absence of adverse environmental impact. In this phase, we will collect samples that will be analyzed by experienced professional and technical staff.

Phase III
The primary objective of a Phase III ESA is to investigate the nature and extent of adverse environmental impact identified by the Phase II ESA, to determine the potential risk to human health and the environment, and, if required, to develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP). These findings include available remedial (removal) options and their respective estimated costs.

Oil Tank Extractions

Environmental Services Group specializes in the investigation of sites that contain oil storage tanks that have been suspect for leaking oil into the surrounding soil, either above ground, or below.

Before the suspect tank can be removed we must test the surrounding areas to determine if the environment has been compromised in any way. This testing is defined as an ESA, or Environmental Site Assessment. Our team will determine what level of ESA is warranted along with the potential for environmental damage. If all leads point to a damaged tank, soil samples will be taken, either from an above ground tank or an underground unit. The test will determine how much damage has taken place and the appropriate costs it will take to bring the site up to code. Cleanup costs vary widely and may require replacement of a building’s entire foundation.

The Government is currently cracking down on old deteriorating oil tanks used for residential heating. Most homes with oil heating have tanks that are reaching the end of their 25-30 year lifespan, and home insurance companies are refusing to provide insurance to homes with tanks 20-25 years old, unless those tanks are replaced or the resident switches over to natural gas. A pinhole leak can spill 750 liters of oil in eight hours.

Speak with an Environmental Site Assessment Specialist. Call us today for Environmental Site Assessment Services.  In Toronto, call 416.575.6111. Free consultation.