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Landlords and Tenants

ESG has performed various assessments and inspections in rental properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities with many landlords that are keen on maintaining a safe and healthy living space for their tenants. Being a landlord comes with its responsibilities, good and bad. Of course, owning a rental property will help with finances and/or be a good investment opportunity given the right circumstances. However, as many homeowners understand, when problems arise it is your responsibility to ensure they are handled properly, or you could be losing the potential to gain a return on this investment.

The relationship between the tenant and landlord should be a mutual one, as you both can gain from this arrangement. One party (landlord) can start to make a return on investment for the rental property, and the other (tenant) doesn’t have pay off an overwhelming mortgage, just a fixed rent payment. That being said, the tenant must notify the owner (landlord) and must get permission when performing any physical work or intrusive sampling within the subject property.

In some cases, landlords are not in the unit often and problems are most likely found suspect in the eyes of the tenant. This could pose a problem as one party might not agree with the other, in regard to the cause and/or even the potential effects from exposure. ESG can be retained to assess the issue and determine a probable solution that will be unbiased in terms of the landlords, tenants, and even from the perspective of the potential contractor. Again, safety, cost, and time efficiency is top priority, and ESG can create some clarity into a situation that will need the help from both the landlord and tenant.