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Bacteria and Sewage Sampling 

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We’ve seen extreme weather conditions become the norm here in the Toronto area and throughout the province of Ontario. With our climate – no matter what the season – that can mean flooding.

What’s Left Behind – Bacteria & More

The problem with flooding doesn’t end with rainwater, unfortunately. In urban areas like the GTA, it means sewers backing up, with a nasty mixture of rain and sewage that flows through the streets and right into your basement.

Sewage contains a number of bacteria, parasites and viruses that are hazardous to human health. These types of bacteria are not airborne; from your walls and floor, they can contaminate your hands and skin or clothing and from there, enter your system via food, drink or any action that brings them into contact with your mouth or into your body. As with many other environmental health issues, children, the elderly and pregnant women are at particular risk.

There is a vast array of bacteria alone that may be present in sewage contaminated wastewater.

E. coli
Escherichia coli or e. coli is a bacteria commonly found as gut flora in warm blooded animals. It enters sewage mixed with feces.

These bacteria come from the same family as e. coli but they can’t exist in feces – they typically make their home in the urinary tract and so are often found in urine.

Fecal streptococci
This bacteria is also very common in the intestines of warm blooded animals and therefore feces as well.

This term refers to a family of bacteria that are known to be one of the main causes of bacterial illness from food contamination worldwide. Specific types include c. coli, c. jejuni and c. fetus – the latter has been known to cause spontaneous abortions in animals. It too is found in feces.

The Effects on Your Health

These types of bacteria can cause a range of symptoms, disorders and diseases which can include:

  • Gastrointestinal tract irritation causing vomiting and diarrhea (most common)
  • Liver problems – hepatitis A, yellow jaundice
  • Skin irritation, dermatitis – of particular concern if there are open sores
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Neonatal meningitis
  • Fever, including typhoid fever
  • Dysentery
  • Ear infections
  • Periodontitis

Residential and Commercial Bacteria and Sewage Sampling After Flooding – Sampling

We collect a water or residue sample wherever the possibility of sewage contamination may be present. This includes the walls and floors and in an industrial setting, the littoral zone or from cooling towers, condenser coils, storage tanks, showers, water taps and more. The samples are sent to a laboratory promptly and we will know of the results in a timely manner.

Flooding is enough of an upheaval to your daily life and routine or business operations. Let us give you peace of mind.

Speak with a Bacteria and Sewage Sampling Specialist
Call us today for Bacteria and Sewage Sampling After Flooding Services.  In Toronto, call 416.575.6111. Free consultation.