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Commercial Building Owners

Commercial buildings can be very large and have large expenses when they experience various types of damage such as:

  • Multi-unit smoke and fire damage.
  • Multi-storey flooding.
  • Loss of income for businesses
  • Wind and car damage to business fronts

Smoke, fire, mould and water damages may not only affect the building and its substrates, but potentially neighbouring units, tenants both below and above as well as contents.

Catastrophic emergency situations like fire or water may involve the multiple insurance policies, preferred contractors, emergency workers, property security, etc. From an environmental indoor hazard standpoint, ESG can help mitigate the situation, plan a course of action, and have all parties informed of the hazards, safety measures, and work guidelines to successfully complete the project.

As a commercial building owner, you may have more than one building or unit that needs attention. In order to correct an issue that has impacted multiple areas, ESG can conduct indoor air quality assessments in multiple offices or assess mold and water damages in neighboring units and create a work scope encompassing all of the details for personal protective equipment as well as a description of how to go about removing the impacted materials. Additionally, ESG will compile all of the required information that each party in the project can use and provide as documentation to other constructors/contractors/tenants.