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Restoration Contractors;

Time is money. The faster a contractor can get on-site, assess the damages, and begin work the better the results and of course, the greater the profit.

ESG can provide assistance to restoration contractors by giving them a fast response time as well as quick sampling turnaround. With safety a priority, ESG will ensure that proper protocols are explained when dealing with hazardous materials. Identifying and sampling for asbestos can cause problems within the worksite and getting a quick turn around on the laboratory analysis could pose an issue for the budget.

ESG can also help the contractor develop of scope of work to remediate hazards such as smoke damage, mold, asbestos, lead and trauma scene contamination.

Not only that, but scheduling someone to do this, in the midst of an emergency can be challenging. ESG is one of the quickest teams in the Greater Toronto Area (including Oshawa, Mississauga and Barrie) to mobilize, and when it comes to emergencies. Our typical response time for site attendance is less than 24 hours and in our 15 years of experience we’ve helped hundreds of contractors complete projects in a safe and timely manner.